For Developers Learning Design

There are a few resources that I’ve found useful to teach developers about design. Refactoring UI is a useful list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” that are a great starting point if you need tactical advice as a developer — I’d stop there if you don’t want to go any deeper because I know you’re busy […]


From my blog post, “Charles Gross on Product Marketing and Dev-as-Marketing (2013)” I watched this YT video via the YT rec engine this morning. It is way back in 2013 from a Google Ventures startup gathering in SV the same year that I landed there — so I wish I saw this live!

We’re moving from Capitalism to Talentism

I’ve been reading an old McKinsey report from HBR (2001) about the “War For Talent” by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod and loved this table: The Old Reality The New Reality People need companies Companies need people Machines, capital, andgeography are thecompetitive advantage Talented peopleare the competitiveadvantage Better talent makessome difference Better talent […]

Why videoconferencing is useful in an all-distributed team

I am a fan of all modes of tele-anything because I find it to be one of the two great things that electricity enables for us (the second one being refrigeration). When talking one-to-one on the phone, all is well because there is an understood “dance” we have all learned around taking turns. But when talking one-to-many on the phone, it works well if it is a 1-way broadcast — but a teleconference is a “conference” versus a tele-pontification.